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CertainPath, with its blend of cutting-edge software and personalized professional coaching, is your path to success. Discover the road map to success, tailored specifically for contractors striving for growth, efficiency, and excellence.

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Key Benefits

Specialized for Home Services

Our software is tailored specifically for the home services industry, ensuring an intuitive and efficient experience.

Proven Framework for Growth

Equip your business with a tried-and-true methodology that has successfully transformed countless contracting businesses.

Unparalleled Support

Backed by experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the home services sector.

Tools for Success

Comprehensive software, reporting, and marketing solutions designed to optimize and elevate your operations.

Expert Partnership

With our coaches and expert team, you have a partner in every phase of your business journey, guiding and supporting you towards success.

Super User-Friendly, Fast, and Efficient

CertainPath Software stands out for its exceptional user-friendliness, speed, and efficiency. Designed to be straightforward and intuitive, it allows users to navigate and complete tasks quickly, without compromising on quality or performance.

The easiest way to grow your home service business.




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Key Features

Discover the range of features designed to streamline your processes, improve customer engagement, and enhance overall efficiency.


Quickly see everyone's availability and dispatch a technician.


CMS helps you track all of your customers and leads.

GPS Tracking

Keep tabs on all of your trucks with GPS location services.


View scheduled jobs, review technician debriefs, track material receipts, permits and warranty claims.


Track invoices and sync with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.


Track and record all of your incoming calls.


Complete inventory management means your trucks are always stocked and ready to go.


Pricebooks provide customers with fixed rate pricing, piece of mind.


Get true insights into your business with manager, technician, marketing, membership, profit margin reports, payroll, and more.

Forecasting and budgeting

Create forecasts and track your performance overtime.


Call Recording - Option to record all incoming calls to assist with training and improving customer service quality, resolving disputes or misunderstandings, and keeping a recorded history of all customer interactions for reference.

Lead Source Tracking - Evaluate marketing efforts and optimize strategies.

On My Way Texts - Need visual instructions? Check our video tutorials. (2024)

Two-way SMS: - Facilitate real-time communication with clients and teams. (Q2 2024)


Invoice Management - View and manage billing with seamless invoice creation.

Membership Management - Oversee customer memberships, ensuring consistent engagement and service.

Payment Processing - Secure and efficient online payment collection for services rendered.

Documents - Conveniently upload and store important documents and photos related to customer, locations, equipment and jobs.

Equipment Tracking - Keep tabs on equipment details for each job, improving service accuracy and efficiency.

Membership Insights - The Membership Report offers detailed search functionality for member management and sales tracking.

Marketing Intelligence - Utilize the Equipment Report to understand customer equipment profiles, tailoring marketing efforts effectively.


Scheduling - Optimized and conflict-free calendar management.

GPS Tracking - Track technician locations in real-time and optimize dispatching.

Property Profiles - Store and access detailed property information for personalized service.

Notifications - Notify technicians when new jobs are assigned, and let your customer's know when a technician is on the way.

Mobile App for Technicians

Job Details - Technicians can view all of the details needed to complete the job including customer details, assigned tasks, and dispatch notes.

Job Options - Technicians can quickly provide your clients multiple options to choose from.

Accept Payments - Technicians can collect payment on-line securely.

Customer Debrief - Get insights into every job performed, any challenges faced, and areas for potential improvement.

Photos and Documents - Attach relevant photos and documents directly to any job, location or customer.

Back Office

Labor Tracking - Monitor and evaluate work hours for better resource planning.

Invoicing - Streamlined billing for precise and timely payments.

Inventory Management - Efficient stock management, reducing wastage and ensuring availability.

Crew Management - Efficiently manage team tasks, availability, and skills.

Price Book - Detailed service pricing, readily accessible for accurate quotations.

Real-Time Profitability Insights

Instant Financial Metrics - As soon as a job is closed, the platform calculates the gross margin, labor costs, material costs, and other relevant financial data.

Daily Manager Report - Streamlined billing for precise and timely payments.

Budgets & Forecasting - Streamlined billing for precise and timely payments.

Informed Decisions - Knowing the profitability of each job in real-time allows for swift strategy adjustments, ensuring that your business remains agile and proactive.

Transparent Reporting - Easily shareable and accessible reports mean that stakeholders at every level stay informed and aligned with business goals.